Sure, these stories were popular here in Wichita Falls, but the rest of the world happened to notice, too.

Check out some of the local stories that garnered national attention in the list below.

  • 1

    Man Makes a Meth Deposit at a Bank

    Remember that time someone in our city went to the bank and happened to leave a paper filled with meth behind? The folks at USA Today actually picked this one up. Yeah, that guy was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Photo Courtesy of Wichita Falls Police Department
  • 2

    Teen Shoots Little Boy for Jumping on the Bed

    This one was a sad and weird story. A three-year-old was shot because he was jumping on the bed. Apparently, his so-called stepdad pointed a gun at him and told the boy if he didn't stop jumping he'd shoot him. That's when Coty Wayman pulled the trigger, shooting and killing the kid. CBS News happened to pick this story up.

    Photo Courtesy of Clay County Sheriffs Department
  • 3

    Gnomes Invade Wichita Falls

    These little guys popped up all over downtown Wichita Falls. It became a fun scavenger hunt thing to do. At first, we were wondering where they came from and so did USA Today.

    Jacklyn York
  • 4

    Weather Channel Calls Wichita Falls Worst Summer City of 2011

    No need to guess which news outlet this one is from. This is back when we were in a severe drought and also a brutal heat wave. Remember all those consecutive triple-digit days we had that summer?

    Weather Map for 2011
  • 5

    Flooding Wreaks Havoc in Wichita Falls

    We go from no rain, to too much rain. That is the story of Wichita Falls, isn't it? We made the national news for our 2015 flood. NBC News came down and got some pretty good footage.

    Designworks Group
  • 6

    Sewer Water Recycled into Tap Water

  • 7

    Texas Man's iPhone Still Works After Drop from 9,000 Feet

    Let's be honest. iPhones are not the most durable devices. They fall out of your pocket and shatter immediately. This man was flying over Wichita Falls and his phone flew out of the plane. Somehow, he found it and yes it was cracked, but surprisingly it still worked.

    Photo Courtesy of Beechcraft website
  • 8

    Wichita Falls Man Fights Off Intruder With Spear

    It sounds like something out of Game of Thrones and the guys at Gawker thought that as well. Yes, open carry is legal in Texas now, but sometimes you have to kick it old school. Medieval old school.

    Photo Courtesy of KFDX
  • 9

    Wichita Falls Man Pays Fine With Tightly Rolled Dollar Bills, Gets Arrested

    Troll level status maximum for this guy. He was not happy to hear he owed 600 dollars in taxes to the city, so he rolled up a bunch of one dollar bills and dropped them off. He also refused to leave and that's what got him arrested. Gawker loves a good troll and picked up the story.

    Photo Courtesy of Wichita County
  • 10

    Bees Sting Wichita Falls Man 1,000 Times

    Here we have a story where you can feel the guy's pain. One man in Wichita Falls got stung around 1,000 times by bees. This guy just happened to be mowing and got hit by a colony of Africanized bees. Thankfully no one died, but two people did spend some significant time in the hospital. Gawker picked up this crazy story once again.

    Google Maps
  • 11

    Camel Attack Kills Two people in Wichita Falls

    Remember when those camels trampled two people? This made news here in Wichita Falls, but CNN also picked this one up.

    Stephen Doman