Every once in a while I think... I should start a fitness program and use a marathon as my end goal!

Then I come back to reality and realize that I'm just not that focused or committed.

Kelly Gneiting is a former sumo wrestler. When he recently ran the L.A. Marathon, he started at 400 pounds and ended at 396.2 pounds. Major kudos!

He became the fattest man to finish a marathon -- and even beat his own personal best, set when he was just 275 pounds, by two hours.

"I'd like to see the Kenyan improve his marathon time by two hours," he joked after the race.

I think Gneiting's story is one of pure inspiration. Most of us wouldn't even try to do a marathon, much less if we were at 400 pounds. For him to finish it and to even improve his time from when he was thinner, that makes me smile.

Maybe I'll be inspired to do the Hotter'N Hell? Probably not...

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