Jobs. We (almost) all need them. Some are fun. Some pay well. Some even let you travel the world on a cruise ship.

OK,  let's set the cruise ship idea aside and look at a few jobs here in Wichita Falls that have awesome perks.

#1 - Motorcycle Police Officer:

We've all seen them out on the streets, making sure we put our phones down and don't speed through school zones, but that's not all these boys in blue do. Not only do they get to hit the streets on some pretty amazing Harley-Davidson or Kawasaki motorcycles, but they get to talk on two-way radios and carry a gun while they do it! Police officers keep the city safe and help our citizens when they're in trouble. They even get to take coffee breaks. That's where I usually cross paths with them. Which brings me to the second job in my list.

#2 - Barista in a Coffee Shop:

I don't know about you, but my attitude gets better just by walking into a coffee shop. The delightful aroma of freshly brewed java mingling with the sweet scent of the flavors waiting to be mixed in brings a smile to my face. And that's even before I order! The "Perk" of this job would be a combination of getting to sample all of the new flavor concoctions and knowing you brightened someone's day when you handed them a steaming cup of joy.

#3 - Photographer:

Some people smile when you hand them a fresh cup of coffee, some people smile when you point a camera at them. Personally, I'd rather be behind the camera than in front of it. I've never met a photographer that didn't absolutely love what they do. It doesn't hurt that they get to flash their Photographer credentials and get into concerts free. Then they get to go way up front to get the best shot. And sometimes they even get to meet with the visiting artist like Brantley Gilbert or Carrie Underwood to get their picture. On top of all this, they get to play with all that cool camera equipment!

#4 - Mayor of Wichita Falls:

What? You don't see any perks of being the Mayor of our fair city? C'mon! The Mayor gets invited to all sorts of events that the rest of us never get to go to, just the other day Mayor Barham got invited to fly in the WWI Curtiss Jenny that the city owns! There are only five of these beautiful old biplanes left in flying shape in the world and the mayor got to go for a ride in one! That, my friend, is a very cool perk.

#5 - Disc Jockey on Lonestar 102.3:

Come to think of it, my job actually has most of these perks. I get the occasional coffee break to go across the street for a cup of motivation from Starbucks where I frequently chat with the local motorcycle police officers. I get to take my camera to interesting events around town and share my pictures with you here on our website. And while I didn't get to ride in the Jenny like Mayor Barham, I did get to ride in a B-25 Mitchell when the air show came to Sheppard Air Force Base last year!

What kind of unexpected perks does your job have? Post a comment below and let us know.