We had a bit of excitement at the studio this afternoon. While I was on the phone chatting with one of our Lonestar VIPs, the fire alarm was going off!

I finally figured out something was going on when the girls in the front office were gesticulating wildly to me as they both went out the front door. At first I thought they just wanted me to know they were going downstairs to smoke, then I figured it out.

As soon as I took off my headphones I could here the persistent sound of the fire alarm. I grabbed my cell phone and day planner off the console in front of me and beat feet for the stairs. I briefly thought about running back to my office to grab my briefcase, then decided I'd just head outside.

When all was said and done, it turned out to be a false alarm. One of the crew working on the elevator was vacuuming up some debris, the bag came undone from the vacuum and the resulting dust cloud triggered the fire alarm.

It did turn out to be good practice for those of us in our building, and it got me to wondering. When the fire alarm goes off in a building you're in, how much do you try to take with you when you exit the building?

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Dave D.