Adam Hood has a new album coming out on August 19th, 2014 and he took a few minutes to call in and talk with Drew about it. This is the first album that Adam has release that was completely funded by his fans. He talked about what it was like using kickstarter.

"The whole idea of people who appreciate your music to come in on good faith and lend their hard earned money to help you make really a good experience and puts a lot more responsibility on you to make it a quality piece of work"

This will be Adam's 4th album and he says that on this one they really tried to get away from having a heavy studio sound and make something that really replicates his lives shows. You can get a taste for how the album is going to sound by listening to the first single, 'Tryin To Write A Love Song.'

"I wanted that song on this ablum and I think it's a great first single and a good representation of what this record is going to sound like"

You can find out more about Adam and about the new album at