Appropriately titled, "Ain't No Grave" is the last video effort from Johnny Cash, or rather from his fans. His memory still lives on even beyond the grave and if you are a Cash fan then now the time has come for you to skip on over and give the Johnny Cash Project a look-see.

The website was created to give the opportunity to be a creative hand in this captivating new video. You can choose a random frame from the video and from there you are able to put your unique touch on it with an art program built into the website. It is a black and white theme with endless possibilitys for one to express their appreciation for the Man In Black. Each frame of the video is modified by fans across the globe and made into a 'flip-book' style video. A very interesting concept for a video and it is turning out to be a awesome tribute. I am in the process of creating my frame and if you feel its your mission to contribute, go check it out. Its quite amazing.