We were all sitting around in our conference room earlier today discussing what we might do at Freedom Fest this summer and the next thing I know I've stumble upon a company that will put your face into a fireworks display.

An online store is selling personalized fireworks priced at just $81.29. The website, Firebox.com, lists the following description for personalized fireworks:

"Always wanted to see your face in lights? Now you can! With Personalized Fireworks you can plaster your smiling phizzog right across the night sky. A jaw-dropping climax to any fireworks display, this bespoke box will ignite up to 200 brilliant white rockets all at once, to create a startling likeness of your face that can be seen from up to 18 miles away. Just set up the self-contained box -- making sure it's facing the right direction -- light the single fuse and retreat to the minimum safe distance (approx. 700 feet). In a blinding explosion that will completely ionize the paper box, your personalized display will launch every single rocket into the sky simultaneously, producing the equivalent of full stadium lighting for up to 5 seconds."

"Completely ionize the paper box"? Sounds like fun!

Click here to visit firebox.com.