Have you heard much about this new Apollo 18 movie? The movie company is saying it is NOT a work of fiction. Rather, it is a film made up of "found footage" from the super secret, hither to unkown, Apollo 18 moon mission.

Here's the official trailer.



Apparently something went terribly wrong on the moon, and I think I know what it is.

They ordered out for pizza and Dominos delivered!

What? You didn't know that Domino's had a base of operations on the moon? Just check out their website! It's all Japanese, but you'll get the idea and the video is in English.

Click here to visit Domino's Pizza's moon base web site. It opens a little slowly, but hey, it's halfway around the world!

I've yet to see the movie, but it does look intriguing. Maybe I'll wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray and order a Domino's pizza to munch on while I watch it.

Dave D.