Zombie movies. Zombie walks. The coming Zombie Apocalypse. The CDC's recommendations for a Zombie preparedness kit. What's next? Zombie Detroit?

Well ... Maybe ...

It's no secret that Detroit has it's problems. A downturn in the auto industry and manufacturing in general has left this once thriving American city struggling for its life. At it's peak in the 1950s, nearly two million people called Detroit home, today its population is just over 700 thousand.

Entrepreneur, Mark Siwak, thinks he has a way to bring more people to the city and stimulate its economy. He wants to create Z World, a live action terror theme park. The idea is to utilize about 200 acres of the old, derelict buildings and neighborhoods as an overnight experience where you would do your best not to be captured by the Zombies (played by actors). You start out as a normal person, then a small horde of Zombies is released. Throughout the night more and more people are captured and converted into Zombies. Could you survive even one night of the Zombie Apocalypse?



Click here to visit the official Z World Detroit project website.

Considering the popularity of all things Zombie, this just might work.

Dave D.