Last night's cliffhanger ending have many fans of 'The Walking Dead' furious, but does leaked audio of the episode's final moments spoil who really met their end at the hands of Negan? We think so.

After waiting all of season 6 for Negan to show up on 'The Walking Dead' and rock everyone's world to the core -- most of the audience walked away with blue balls after what many are calling "manipulative" at best. Many big time shows end their season with cliffhangers, but given some of the editorial trickery we've already endured this season -- dumpster-gate -- producers withholding the outcome of Negan's twisted game of "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" seems especially slimy.

The Walking Dead almost always telegraphs their punches, which means they have a habit of giving about-to-die characters an unusual amount of focus or a big "moment" right before they're "unexpectedly" ripped away from us. However, the last two episodes have given almost every major character at least one of those "moments"... and probably for no other reason than to throw you off of their scent. That also sucks.

By last night, every fan of the show knew that Negan would enter the storyline by taking out a major character. I try to steer clear of comic spoilers, but even I know who meets Lucille (Negan's wire-wrapped bat) in the books. The way this season has played out, I was under the impression they would go a different direction in the show. That being said, after the end of the episode my bets in the "dead pool" remained the same -- Glenn, Abraham, or Daryl. That was until I listened to this audio which was leaked ahead of the season 6 finale in the video below. Maybe we don't have to wait until October to confirm what, most everyone already assumed.

It's important to note that the audio from the entire Negan scene leaked and included the audio that appears below, but the end was apparently altered in the final cut that aired on AMC, most likely to make it less revealing. Could it have been altered by a fan? Maybe, but we doubt a fan could get the leaked audio early and would have the foresight or motivation to alter it in a misleading way.

Dammit, Walking Dead producers. You guys are jerks.