It’s hot… It’s summer… so in Wichita Falls, it’s time to go swimming!  Our top 5 best places to get wet in the Falls follows in no particular order.  It doesn’t matter if you are out for a full-on water adventure, or just want to lounge around with a drink in your hand, chances are you’ll find the ideal place on this list.  Just remember to pack your sunscreen!

Yep, if a full day of water fun is on your agenda, you just can’t beat Castaway Cove.  Located at the edge of town, just off of Central Freeway East, you’ll find water fun for all ages and tastes.  If you need to get your adrenaline going, you can always head to the Parrot’s Perch with two open flume slides and one thrilling U-shaped water thrill ride, designed to max out fun while maintaining rider safety.  Or, if that’s TOO much excitement, you can head on over to Shipwereck Beach and enjoy the humongous wave pool, or take a trip down Nellie’s Rollin’ River.  Plus, Buccaneer Bay offers plenty of water attractions for younger members of the family.

Of Course, the fun is not free, but for all you get, it is fairly reasonable.  For ticket information and operating dates, you can click here.  Generally speaking, Castaway Cove is open every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  As they say at the Cove… “Go Ahead, Take The Plunge”


OK, everybody sing… “It’s fun to SWIM at the YMCA!”  If you are looking for a very large no frills pool to spend your summer water days, look no further than the Bill Bartley Family YMCA outdoor pool.  Pools don’t get any bigger than Olympic -Sized, and this one is built for fun AND sport.  Plus, your young swimmers can pick up swimming pointers with a series of lessons, and families can also take advantage of special “Family Swims” which, as the name implies, leaves the serious swimmers on the beach. For those serious swimmers, a large variety of aquatic sports is also available.

Membership in the YMCA is necessary to access the pool and other facilities.  For more information, click here.


What, you think the Country Club is too snooty?  Well, I can assure you that if a full-service pool experience is what you are looking for, you will be absolutely love your swimming experience at WFCC.

Of course you have to be a member, but as the saying goes… “Membership Has It’s Privileges.”  First thing, for those who have never been to a country club is that money is NOT allowed.   You want a Pina Colada or a Margarita? Just give your member number.  You’ll have it by the pool in no time.  Need a towel?  No problem.  Have a complaint? It’s all “Yes Sir” and “No Sir”.  In addition, the pool at WFCC is very kid friendly with two enclosed water slides as well as a diving board.

If the initiation fee is too steep, as well as the monthly dues and food minimum, your best option is to go as a guest of a current member.  If you are really lucky, said member will give you their member number and then it’s Carte Blanch for you while you are on the property!  Yours truly has taken a slight advantage of that situation on more than one occasion.


Hidden away in SE corner of Wichita Falls is one of the best kept secrets in Wichita Falls.  The neighborhood is actually called Edgemere and off a back alley and behind a church is one of the most beautiful and well maintained pool complexes in the city.  For a very reasonable one-time fee per family, you can enjoy all of the water fun you can handle.  There are two lifeguards on staff at any time so children above 7 can go to the pool unaccompanied by parents.  In addition, there is a fully-stocked concession stand and every Tuesday night during the season, there is a family cookout for members.

The pool is large and features a diving board and very shallow end as well as a 10 ft deep end of the pool.  You do not have to live in the neighborhood to join the pool and it is a great way to new people.


your backyard

Sorry, no links since I assume you know where your backyard is located.  When looking for a house here in Wichita Falls, my wife and I were amazed by how many pools were in the backyards of Wichita Falls Homeowners.  I do know this, when you own the pool, you own the pool rules and whatever you want goes!  That my friends is an amenity you won’t find anywhere else.