Aaron Watson made a stop in Wichita Falls on May 2nd to play at Denim and Diamonds.  Before the show Drew was able to stop by and talk to Aaron on his tour bus for another episode of Blake Backstage.

Aaron talked about his music, balancing family and work, and then answered some listener questions.  Drew asked him what was the worst thing and the best thing about the current state of country music. Aaron was very passionate about the answer.  He also gave a response to the timeless question, "Which would you rather get in a fight with 1 duck the size of a horse, or 100 horse the size of ducks?"

Watch the video to see Aaron's answers:


Aaron also brought out his mandolin and fiddle player to record an exclusive Blake Backstage live performance of his song "July In Cheyenne"


To follow Aaron Watson and find out when he will be here next check out his website here and don't miss him the next time he's at Denim and Diamonds