Kyle Park is playing tonight (July 10th) at Denim and Diamonds and Drew caught up with him after sound check for another edition of Blake Backstage. Kyle has been pretty busy since the last time we talked.

Earlier this week Kyle celebrated a pretty monumental birthday...29 years old. In the months leading up to his birthday, Kyle had some dreams come true. For one thing, he got to open up for George Strait on one of the shows on his Cowboy Rides Away tour. Kyle was the opening act for the show on June 5 at State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, TX. Kyle's last single, 'Fit For The King,' was written using lyrics from many George Strait songs. He said it was pretty amazing to hang out with George on his bus and be a part of his final tour!

Kyle also has a lot of things coming in the future. First of all, a new single will be coming out in just a few weeks. He's not 100% sure which song will be next, but right now he's leaning towards a song called 'Turn That Crown Upside Down,' an upbeat, fun song from his album 'Beggin' For More.' Kyle also said he has not 1, but 2 new albums he's working on. One will be his next album of original material. The other is a little more mysterious. He wouldn't give a lot of details, but said it is a tribute album to a record that came out in 1959. Although he didn't reveal who's album it was, he did say it's someone that is "one of my heroes and all of my hero's hero."

Kyle's current single, 'Long Distance Relationship' is currently #10 on the Texas Music Charts. Kyle broke out the acoustic guitar and played a special solo version of the song for the Blake Backstage camera!

Make sure you catch Kyle Park live the next time he comes to town.  You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook. But first, Drew and Kyle need to take a selfie.