'Bob's Burgers' has become a favorite for many people in the last few years. The FOX network's animated show about a family who run a burger restaurant has entertained viewers since 2011. But while we are all can laugh along with Bob, Linda, Tina, Louise, and Gene, the show was almost something very very different.

Check out the video from Court of Source where they reveal the original plans for the show. When the creators first pitched it to Fox they didn't imagine it just being about a family running a restaurant. They imagined that the Belcher family were cannibals!

Yeah, you read that right. The show touched on this in it's pilot, but originally it was going to involve Bob, Linda and the kids selling burgers made of human meat! Luckily, Fox thought the premise of the show was good, just without the part about eating human flesh. They also changed up the animation style and had Tina replace a boy named Daniel.

Check out the video above to hear the complete story and see some of the original animations for the show. Would it have been a hit if the changes hadn't been made. We'll never know, but honestly we're pretty entertained as is.