When my son was a Boy Scout, he did fun activities like the Pinewood Derby. Scouts in England, however, are taking on bigger roles in the community.

Scouts recently set up a speed trap with police. When drivers were pulled over for their crime, they were given the option of paying the ticket or receiving a tongue lashing by the scouts.

Twenty-four motorists were stopped for exceeding the 30mph limit in the two zones, with the worst offender clocked at 36mph.

All were offered the choice of accepting a verbal and written warning about their actions, both delivered by the Scouts, or the standard punishment of a £60 fixed penalty and three points on their licence.

It's an interesting way to do community service, but some British officials are dismissing the project as ‘tomfoolery.' Parents of the boys were on board for the project, however.

Scout leader Ann Simpson rejected suggestions the project was unsuitable for young boys. She said: ‘All of their parents gave permission for them to take part. The idea came from the boys themselves and it was carried out seriously.’

While this is indeed a different approach to teaching driving safety, I'll admit that I'd rather be chewed out by a bunch of kids rather than get a ticket. Then I could pocket that money and spend it on something worthwhile, like a new Snuggie or the Shake Weight.

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