Brandon Rhyder is playing tonight at Denim and Diamonds in Wichita Falls. He took a few minutes this afternoon to call in on the trip here. Brandon says it's going to be a "rocking" show tonight. They will be playing as a 4 piece and according to Brandon, "that means  Matt Powell is going to bring his rockin' guitar."

Brandon's last single, "Leave" from his album, ‘That’s Just Me,’ had a lot of success on the Texas Music Charts and also led to a cool music video. Whenever I have talked to Brandon, it somehow always ends up with us talking about songwriting, and today was no exception. Brandon said that when it comes down to all the things involved in his music (touring, videos, recording) the best part is songwriting. He even had to name drop for a second to tell a great story about a discussion he had with iconic country songwriter Radney Foster.

Listen to the interview to hear that story and don't miss out on a great show tonight with Brandon Rhyder live at Denim and Diamonds.