In a recent interview with 'Allure' magazine, Carrie Underwood says that she is absolutely positive that her husband - and professional hockey player - Mike Fisher, will never stray into the arms of another woman. Underwood told 'Allure,'

We've seen a lot of celebrities, professional athletes, not exactly always being on their best behavior away from girlfriends, wives, families. People would say, 'Do you ever worry that he's an athlete, he's young, he's good-looking?'  And I've never had to worry about him because I've never trusted anybody so completely. He just wouldn't do that."

While many women may try to change their man into the person they want him to be, Carrie says that she doesn't have to with Fisher because he's already a prince. She said,

[Women] want that person to be everything we've always wanted. If they're not Prince Charming, we try to make them Prince Charming. But Prince Charming does exist!  I found one."

If that's the case, Carrie, then we are truly happy for you. Just enjoy it while it lasts. After all, you are only three years into this thing. Just don't be surprised if your fairy tale relationship all but disappears after you've popped out a few kids and show up to bed every night in flannel jammies.

During her interview, Carrie also reiterated her stance on gay marriage saying,

I'm in favor of acceptance. I am a Christian person, and I do love the Lord, and I feel no matter who you are, what you believe, how you live your life, it's not my place to judge.  I don't have that power.  I don't want that power. It's my place to love and to show God's love to other people, even if they don't live a life like I live. So that's where I'm coming from."

You nailed that one, Carrie. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. You can't go wrong with more love and less judgment.

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