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Giant Hornets Have Killed At Least 18 People in China
If you’re annoyed by those little mosquitoes buzzing around you then don't plan a trip to China anytime soon.
It seems that there have been reports in the last couple months about swarms of Asian Giant Hornets flying around stinging people, and when we say giant we mean GIANT (co…
Controversial Ad Shows Toddlers Eating Feces
Cities around the world seem to really be stepping up their game in trying to stop people from leaving dog poop on the streets. Some places have tried to DNA test the poop and one town in Spain actually mails the poop to the owners. And then, there's this
Real Life Sci-Fi: Meteor Explodes Over Russia, Hundreds Injured
You've seen it a hundred times in countless sci-fi movies: an object from space comes hurtling towards Earth leaving a trail of thick smoke behind it as curious onlookers turn their heads to the sky, mouths agape. Only this time, it's real.
Over 500 people were injured in Chelyabinsk, Russia last nig…

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