Clint Black will be headlining the first night of FallsFest in Wichita Falls on Friday night. This morning, he called in and talked to Drew about the show.

It's a big day for Clint. Not only does he have the show tonight, but today is the album release for his first record in 10 years! Clint's new album, 'On Purpose,' is available now! Clint talked to Drew about the album and why it took 10 years to make. He says it had a lot to do with him wanting to make the music he wanted, and not be told what to do by a label.

The album is an independent release. If you give a listen to the first single, 'Time For That,' you'll see that it sounds like the Clint Black we all know and love. Clint says that's because that's all he knows how to do. When he writes a song, it's a Clint Black song.

Clint says we'll hear some of the new and plenty of our old favorites when he takes the stage tonight at Falls Fest. He says the only real thing that's changed, if you've seen him before, is that over the years he's gotten much better as a musician. All that practicing keeps paying off.

Catch Clint live tonight at Falls Fest in Lucy Park in Wichita Falls.