Cody Canada (of Cross Canadian Ragweed and The Departed) called in to chat today. The Departed are playing Saturday (March 15) at the Wichita Falls Downtown St. Patricks Festival. He talked about the show and said he is pretty excited for it. A lot of Cody's family is from the Texoma area and Cody's wife is Irish, so combing the two was the perfect thing.

Drew asked Cody to talk a little about the difference between the music of Cross Canadian Ragweed and The Departed. Cody talked about how a lot of it is the same, since many of the musicians are the same, but there's also a lot of differences. He said that since last fall when Seth James left the band. Seth had a lot more of a blues style and Cody is more rock.

When The Departed first started, they didn't play any Cross Canadian Ragweed songs, but that has changed. He said the change came about when a woman talked to him after a solo acoustic show in California. She said it was great to hear the old songs again because "it wasn't about the band, it's about the song." That resonated and he realized he couldn't keep great music from people anymore.

Cody also talked about him and his son's nominations for the Lonestar Music Awards. The cover of Cody's solo acoustic album is a drawing his 8 year old son did and it is nominated in the album artwork category.

Watch the interview for even more info and make sure to catch the band this Saturday in downtown Wichita Falls.