Last week on Radio Texas, LIVE! Cody Johnson joined us for the debut of his brand new radio single "Dance Her Home." The song by the way, so popular at his live shows afterwards fans took to the internet to find it -- the only place, till now, it could be found was YouTube. Views of him singing it live number in the tens of thousand, all without radio play.

One of Texas brightest stars, and one of it's good guys Cody Johnson is the next generation of Texas Music, hell country music. And he doesn't do it by being flashy, or making absurd statements or singing gimmicky songs -- he does it with dynamic live shows, great music and thoughtful intelligent lyrics.

Don't want to get ahead of myself, but does that sound like another young country singer outta Texas in the early '80s to anybody else?

For Johnson his music is not a regional thing. "I'm not necessarily Texas country music, I'm necessarily not Nashville Music," he says. "But I know that I believe in country music. And I'm gonna just keep doin' my thing."

And how about the current flux of pop and hip hop in country music? Johnson's stance is one of diplomacy, even graciousness.

"Eventually country music is gonna be turned back to country music," he says, "but I love every bit of it and I'm proud to have my songs on the radio... Just to have my songs on the radio, that blows my mind."

His energy and drive are as infectious as his music. The new album "Cowboy Like Me" is due out in 2014, be on the lookout for it. Download "Dance Her Home," now. If you missed it, below is Cody on Radio Texas, LIVE! last week debuting the song, you can check it out before you commit $.99 to it.