I will admit, I dropped quite a few classes when I was in college.  Sometimes it just wasn't the right teacher for me. Sometimes it was because I hadn't done my homework and was avoiding a bad grade. Sometimes I just realized that that certain class wasn't really going to be helpful. No matter what the reason, when ever I dropped a class, I just dropped it. There was no big show I put on.

That's not the case when it came to this University of North Carolina student. When he decided to drop a class, he wanted to make sure the rest of the class and the teacher knew he was out. As you can see by this video captured by another student, he definitely made an impression with this drop.

The unnamed student stands up in the middle of class, says that he's dropping the class cause he knows what he really wants to do, and then proceeds with the show; ripping off his shirt and pants and proceeding to put on a strip tease for the whole classroom.

Amazingly he even gets a couple other students to join him in the exodus simply by saying "Who's coming with me?"

Watch the video for yourself for a good laugh.