I've heard of cooking with flavor. Cooking with enthusiasm. Even cooking nekkid. (Remember the Naked Chef?) But cooking with Poo?

Yup, I said cooking with POO.

But it's not what you think.

This year's Bookseller Diagram Prize for oddest book title goes to a Thai cookbook titled, "Cooking With Poo." The chef who wrote the book, Saiyuud Diwong, is nicknamed "Poo" which is Thai for "crab."

Diwong runs a cooking school and charity in Bangkok's largest slum. A social worker for the charity said, "We knew the whole world loved Poo but now its official! Poo has sold 6,000 books and her classes are fully booked out. She is not just helping to raise her own family out of poverty, but is employing 20 other poor slum residents."

So there you have it, Cooking With Poo.

Dave D.