Mother Nature has shown numerous examples over the year of how animals will take care of one another. It might be a kitten that gets adopted by a dog, a bird that gets adopted by a cat, or a cow that takes care of a colt, but regardless of the match-up, it’s a thing of beauty. Now a lamb is making news not only because it’s spotted like a Dalmatian, but because a Dalmatian has adopted the orphan.

The animals live in Australia, and their owner, John Bolton, says spots like those on the lamb are very rare. As you can see in the video, the Dalmatian is following the lamb everywhere and makes sure it’s cleaned and taken care of. It’s not clear why the other sheep on the property didn’t take on the small animal themselves, but whatever the reason, things are working out well.

This video is proving that dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, but also a great friend in the animal kingdom.