"Dirt Road Anthem" may be the new hit of the summer for Jason Aldean, but there is another face behind the curtain who takes credit.

Ok, so there's TWO people to thank for this smash hit, Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford are the original co-songwriters of the tune. They are both frequent writers for Aldean, and good thing they are because I'm really diggin' this track. There are two different versions out there, Aldeans and the original Version with Brantley and his duo, Colt Ford. I lean towards liking the original version more, but both versions are good!

Brantley's solo material is great as well. I'll just say this, his sound is very original but still rooted, good times! You can catch Brantley Gilbert live on the Taste of Country Christmas Tour here in Wichita Falls on December 9th, 2011!

Check out both versions of the song below and let us know which version you like better in the comments below.

Here's the original version with Gilbert and Ford:

Here's Jason Aldean's version: