Do you recognize this key? They used to mean quite a bit to kids. Check below to find out what they key is.

The answer: a roller skate key.

The keys were used to tighten the clamps that grasped the soles of the shoes at the toe. This crafty tool, which incorporated a wrench, could adjust the skate to the user’s size. Take a look in your attic, and you may find the key with your old skates. They were used in roller skates up until the 1980s.

If you thought the key was part of a necklace, you’re also right.  It wasn’t uncommon for children to attach the key to a string and carry it around their neck.

If you want your own little piece of nostalgia, the roller skate keys can still be found on eBay. We’ve found quite a few listings on eBay. The keys start at just $2.99.