One dude pooped his pants. For real, he literally pooped his pants. 

You have probably seen the guys from Dude Perfect on YouTube before. They're famous for their trick shot videos. Welcome to the day where dumb YouTube videos get you your own television show. The Dude Perfect show airs on CMT and the guys share clips from the show on their YouTube channel.

You may now know this, but the Dude Perfect guys are actually right here in Texas. Their headquarters is located in Frisco and on a recent episode of the show they went to a local burger place. They went to Kenny's Burger Joint and they have a seven-pound burger challenge.

I ate a two-pound burger once in my life and was in a tremendous amount of pain from that, I couldn't imagine seven pounds. One guy couldn't handle it and actually crapped his pants. Kenny's burgers, so good you will crap yourself.