Taking a page out of the Americanized Ninja Warrior, one father has gone the extra mile to create a full course for his young daughter in the backyard.

Beginning in 1997, 'Sasuke' brought together 100 competitors twice a year for a four-stage obstacle course so difficult that many competitions end without an overall winner. Syndicated across the world and renamed 'Ninja Warrior' for English speaking audiences, the show gained so much popularity that its spawn an American version on NBC, 'American Ninja Warrior'.

Now, one father is bringing what he calls Jr. Ninja Warrior to his own home, creating obstacles based on the show for his daughter Lylah. The latest course proved to be too much for the home and ended up taking up most of the backyard, with Lylah's father filming her run through the first stage in the style of the show.

Wanting to continue to create courses for his daughter to master, Lylah's father has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for more obstacles.