In case you're wondering why we went off the air for a little bit around 6:00pm Tuesday, there was a brush fire at our transmitter site.

While our transmitter building didn't actually burn down, it did get pretty toasty inside.

Our corporate chief engineer came up to survey the damages and says that some of the things that melted have a melting point of 2,000 degrees! Holy hotplates, Batman!

Needless to say, our main transmitter is going to be out of commission for a while, so we're on our much smaller backup unit. If you can't pick up our broadcast signal very well, you can always listen to us online, or on your iPhone or Android with the radioPup app

It hasn't been determined yet exactly what caused the fire, but Assistant Fire Chief Bill Gillespie said the fire started in a location where a fire, "Wouldn't normally start."

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As you know, it's been a long hot summer and a very dry year so grass fires are a huge threat, not only to open grassland, but to businesses and homes as well. Please be careful, and if you see a fire that isn't already being responded to, call the appropriate authorities.

Here are a a couple more pictures from our transmitter site.

Thanks for your patience as we clean up and rebuild.

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Dave D.