No good deed goes unpunished.  So you can go ahead and stop trying.

Last week, John Davis of Elyria, Ohio was exiting a freeway in Cleveland when he saw a homeless guy by the side of the road in a wheelchair.  He was holding a sign with a religious quote and asking for help.

John decided to help, so he rolled down his window and reached out to hand the man some money.  But as he did it, one of the dollar bills fell on the ground.  The homeless man picked it up, said thank you, and John drove off.

A few moments later, a Cleveland police officer pulled him over to ticket him for littering.  The ticket cited him for littering out of a motor vehicle because of the bill that fell on the ground.

John plans on challenging the ticket, but after the fine and court fees, it could end up costing him $500.

He says, "I don't mean any disrespect toward the police department at all.  We need 'em.  But I just wish I didn't have to pay this ticket.  I'd like to [give money] again but I'm petrified I'm going to get a ticket."

Watch the local Fox 8 - Cleveland news report about John Davis getting a ticket for helping a homeless man:

[FOX 8 - Cleveland]