Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers are in the midst of their annual "Hold My Beer and Watch This" tour, they are also in the midst of touring with their own bands (they're staying very busy).

Bowen's father, Jim, had been looking forward to the guys playing House of Blues in Dallas yesterday, unfortunately he wasn't able to be there. "My dad is 65 years old," Wade says in the video. "He's been talking about being here for months. He ended up having to have open heart surgery last week. He is fine. He is kicking ass."

The crowd, then, proceeded to give the elder Bowen the biggest "Hell yeah, boy!" in the history of "Hell yeah, boys!"

Cheers to a speedy recovery, Mr. Bowen, from all of us at Radio Texas, LIVE!

And if you haven't, yet, got your copy or download of Wade and Randy's "Hold My Beer and Watch This: Vol.1," do it. It's one of the best albums of the year.

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