You know you've seen this happen in real life. You are about to put some ketchup on a delicious hot dog or hamburger. You open the cap and squeeze the bottle. Then, the first thing that comes out is a gross watery ketchup combination. Yeah, you could just shake the bottle first, but why do that when you can have science save the day!

That's exactly what two high school students from the Project Lead the Way program at North Liberty High School thought. High school seniors Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson had to do a project using a 3D printer. The ketchup water problem was too big of an issue for them to pass up. They developed a new type of lid that makes the ketchup go up and over a plug to get rid of the watery part.

For the good of all mankind, we say thank you, Tyler and Jonathan. Now just make sure you can get the same thing done with mustard!