The Wichita Falls Police Department gave us an early Christmas present today with the release of a brand new Shoplifter Showcase video.

It's been since August since we last saw the assortment of people arrested for shoplifting in Wichita Falls. It's not that crime drastically dropped during the last 3 months, but actually in change in how shoplifters are persecuted.

Texas changed the theft law classifications on September 1st. It used to be any theft $50+ would be a misdemeanor, now it's $100+. This changed the amount of people to showcase in the video, so the WFPD consolidated. Instead of just one month, this video highlights the Wichita Falls shoplifting arrests from September through November.

Since it's now Christmas time, the WFPD gave this video a little bit of a holiday twist. There's decorations, there's candy canes, and of course there is a song that is just right for the situation. This month's song is 'You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch.'

Sit back and watch as the WFPD once again makes local shoplifters famous.