Hot Wheels says it's an attempt to reach the 18 to 34 year old male. I just think it's way cool!

According to this story in the New York Times, a supersized version of the Hot Wheels V-Drop track - and JUMP - is in the works for May 29th at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during this year's Indy 500 weekend.

I spent countless hours as a child setting up my Hot Wheels track. We had the side by side loop and jump set so my brothers and I could pick our favorite cars and race them against each other. Sometimes the cat would wait excitedly at the edge of the jump and then pounce on one car or the other. It was always a good time with brothers and friends with toys that required no batteries, didn't cost much, and provided hours of entertainment. Just remember to pick your cars up at the end of playtime, once they're stepped on they don't roll too well any more.

Somehow I don't think too many people will be stepping on the cars at Indy, the track starts 10 stories up and drops almost vertically (Hence the name V-Drop) as stunt drivers attempt to break the world record jump distance for four wheeled vehicles. The current record stands at 302 feet.

This could get interesting! Gentlemen, start your Hot Wheels!

Dave D.