Another successful Hotter'N Hell Hundred is in the books for Wichita Falls. Well done to all of the 4500+ volunteers and thank you to the nearly 13,000 riders who participated this year!

This was the 34th year for the Hotter'N Hell Hundred, which consists of six routes: 10k, 25 mi, 50 mi, 100k, 75 mi, and 100 mi with 20 rest stops in between. According to there are about 150 vendors at Finish Line Village, and the event requires 244 cases of bananas and 450 cases of pickle juice.

Hotter'N Hell benefits more than 20 charities, fills up every hotel room within a 1-hour radius, and brings in an estimated $6.8 million (based on 2014 visitor spending) to Wichita Falls.

Check out our photos from the 2015 Hotter'N Hell Hundred in the gallery above!

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