Once a year the Girl Scouts are unleashed on the world to satisfy the cravings of hundreds of thousands of cookie addicts.  Are Girl Scout cookies really the nectar of the gods, or is it their genius once-a-year marketing that creates such frenzy?  Whatever the case may be, Girl Scout cookies are an obsession of many.

As if the fabulous cookies weren’t enough, now we can look forward to Nestlé’s new Girl Scout Cookie Crunch Bars!  Although the pictured candy bar is only a retail sales sample and not yet available for sale, Joshua Ackley, a spokesperson for the organization said we should look forward to some very exciting news in June.  As if I really needed another reason to lose all self-control and put myself into a sugar induced coma.  These limited edition candy bars will debut with the ever popular Thin Mint flavor with other flavors to follow.