My northern accent has diminished a little since I’ve been in Texoma, but I still get called out for being a Northerner. Spend some time listening to people and you’ll find a vast array of accents peppered into speech. It’s not just people who have accents, however. Recent research is showing that goats have accents as well!

The study revealed that goats who were raised in groups had “voices” that were similar to those they were raised around. Siblings sounded like other siblings, who sounded like their parents. As they aged, those calls became even more similar.

It hasn’t been made clear if any of those goats were placed into a different group at some time, and if there would be any ill effects as a result of their “accent.” The study does suggest, however, that this phenomenon may extend to other animals, they just haven’t been looked at yet.

Why someone decided to study this is beyond me, but it’s kind of awesome!

Huffington Post