Warning: Not for the squeamish! Jake Owen has shared a picture of his recently-severed finger.

"I was 'advised' not to post this... Screw em," Owen posted to Twitter shortly after 3PM ET Wednesday afternoon (Aug. 21), including the gruesome photo. He had the amputation done on Monday morning (Aug. 19) before playing his No. 1 party, a block party on Music Row in Nashville.

NASCAR racer Clint Bowyer saw the picture and responded quickly, saying, "You're still a racing sum beeeech!!!!" Bowyer and Kevin Harvick were with Owen when he was involved in a go-kart accident in early July that led to losing the tip of his right ring finger. Originally, it was just bandaged -- the 'Days of Gold' singer had since returned to playing guitar. But soon, it became infected and doctors recommended they take it off from the knuckle up.

Owen is currently touring with Jason Aldean. His next scheduled show is Friday in Ohio.

Jake Owen Opens Up About Gruesome Go-Kart Accident

Jake Owen says the injury he sustained during a go-kart accident earlier this month has put the future of many of the things he loves to do in jeopardy.