The Special Olympics World Games kicked off this weekend in Las Angeles. On Saturday night, Kansas City Chiefs Running Back Jamaal Charles started the event with this amazing speech where he revealed that he actually got his start by competing in the Special Olympics.

The former Texas player said that growing up, he had a learning disability. "I was afraid. I was lost. I had trouble reading. I found out I had a learning disability. People made fun of me. They said I would never go anywhere. But I learned I can fly. When I was 10 years I had the chance to compete in the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics gave me my first chance to discover a talent I did not know I had."

Charles went on to become a first team, all-state running back with Memorial High School of Port Arthur, Texas. He signed with the Texas Longhorns and competed on the 2005 National Championship team. In 2008 he was picked by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 3rd round of the NFL Draft. He is currently the NFL's all-time leader in career yards-per-carry average among running backs with 5.5 YPC.