Remember folks, only you can prevent forest fires. Also, fires in your own house. 

People that livestream their lives fascinate me. I think all of these people are narcissists. You really think people care about your life this much? If you're doing something cool maybe I would tune in, but you sitting at your computer is not entertaining to me. Now, I don't speak Japanese, so I don't know what he is livestreaming.

At the 4:50 mark, he lights some matches. This is where things get interesting. The pack of course catches fire and he throws them in the trash. You can guess what happens next, the garbage catches on fire. For some strange reason he decides throwing blankets and cardboard on the fire is a good idea. Finally, he starts grabbing bowls of water to put out the fire. At the 7:45 mark, is when I feel he starts to panic, hell I would to.

The man’s antics spread like, well, widlfire, as the blaze reached two other buildings. One woman also reportedly died.