For those who think that the Hotter N Hell Hundred is ONLY about bicycling ... Think again!

The live music lineup for this year's Finish Line Village has been announced and once again it's a musical treat for everyone with performers ranging from Country to Pop/Rock to an indescribable blend of Celtic bagpipe and fiddle with American Rock N Roll guitars.

Finish Line Village is the area outside the MPEC where the riders and spectators congregate after completing their ride. It's like a small outdoor festival with food and drink vendors, tents to catch some shade from the noonday sun, and music. Lots of music!

Jay Hollis and his band get things started at 11:00am. Jay is a perfect choice for Finish Line Village because he's a local performer poised to hit it big! Jay is a true country music entertainer, with songs and stories from deep in the heart of Texas.



Around 1:00pm Johnny Cooper, another performer who got his start locally and is ready to make it big takes over. After getting his start playing Texas Country, Johnny is now trending toward a bit more of the Rock N Roll sound. At just 22 years old, Johnny already has three full albums behind him and averages about 200 shows a year.! That's a busy schedule!  It's great to have him back in Wichita Falls where his musical journey began.



And the music wraps up with longtime Finish Line Village favorites, The Killdares. What do you get when you combine traditional Celtic music with Rock N Roll? You get The Killdares. You get a party!



Finish Line Village at the Hotter N Hell Hundred is free, family friendly and open to everyone. So even if you're not a cyclist, head on downtown for some tasty food, some cold drinks and a really great time this Saturday.

Click here to find out more about the 30th Annual Hotter N Hell Hundred.

Dave D.