Jesus' American tour just made a stop in South Carolina.  Last Friday, an image of Jesus was spotted on the back of a Stingray.

24-year-old Erika Scheldt was taking pictures on the beach at James Island, South Carolina.  A dead stingray washed up on shore, and she snapped a photo.  And when her friend looked at it, she noticed you can see Jesus on his back.

Erika says, "I just kind of thought it looked like a bearded homeless man.  But when I posted pictures, one of my friends was like, 'That's Jesus.'  And I was like, 'Oh my God.  You're right.'"

Erika is Catholic and says it gave her a little bump in faith.  "I did think it was interesting, with Easter coming up.  And it's such a beautiful image on such a harmless thing."

So what do you think, do you see Jesus or someone else?  Or maybe you just see a slimy sea creature. Tell us what you see in the comments section below.

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