Kevin Fowler's new album 'How Country Are Ya' is in stores and on iTunes today (March 4). When we talked to him last month on Blake Backstage he told us how excited he was for the release, and now it's finally here. Kevin took a few minutes to call in and talk all about the album and more.

This album is self-released on Kevin's own Kevin Fowler Records. He talked to Drew about some of the great songwriters he worked with on the album, like Cody Johnson, Trent Wilmon, David Lee Murphy, Shane Minor and Davin James. He had them all out to his ranch near Austin and instead of feeling like they were working, they just had a fun few days and wrote some songs.

Kevin also talked about some of the artist who appeared on the album with him, like Cody Johnson on 'Guitars and Guns,' Amy Rankin on 'Before Somebody Gets Hurt,' Davin James on 'Chicken Wing,'  and a special intro by Earl Dibbles Jr.

Finally, Drew asked him the most important question of all time: If you had to fight one duck the size of a horse or 100 horses the size of ducks which would you choose. Listen to the interview above to find out Kevin's answer.

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