I remember when my son was much younger and went trick-or-treating, he would always find a place or two to stash his candy where I wouldn’t find it. Naturally kids aren’t that sneaky so I could always find his spots, but he never reacted violently to me joking about taking it. One kid really did get upset this past week, however, when a woman joked about taking his candy. He pulled out a handgun in response.

The South Carolina woman told authorities that she recognized the kids at her door as being from the neighborhood, so she was simply playing with them when she said she’d take their candy. That’s when a 10-year-old whipped out a 9mm and pointed it at her, saying “no.”

From there the children left, but the woman called police, who took the boy into custody before releasing him to his parents. It would seem the boy took the gun from his grandfather without permission, and while the gun wasn’t loaded, he had a clip on him.

We’re talking about serious protection for those miniature Snickers bars.

How far would you go to protect your candy stash?

This kid isn’t playing. Read more about it here.