Robert "Bob" Ritchie aka Kid Rock exploded on the rock scene back in 1998 with his smash album, "Devil Without a Cause". He made it very clear that he was a rebel and didnt care what people thought of him. He gave the name to himself for one reason, cause it sounded cool! Isnt that the point? But as the years have gone by Kid Rock is questioning the name and thinks its a "dumb" name!
With hits like Bawitdaba, Cowboy, American Badass, and many more tunes that reflect his rebelious attitude with their brash lyrics, the now 40 year old artist has done ALOT of things different in his recent years, from charity benefits, to shows supporting our troops, and a much more. He has alot of wisdom behind his music now and while he might not be a legend, yet, he still has created a household name for himself that is accepted and will be around for a long time! So weather you admire him for his old rebellious ways, or his softer middle age efforts, the man is definitly a pillar in our music society!! The big man said " To thy own self be true" and I hope when hes 80 years old  he'll still be rocking, KID ROCKING!!!