It's the feel good story that you needed today.

As an Orioles fan it would be wrong for me not to share this little girl's story with you. Meet Hailey Dawson, she has a rare condition called Poland Syndrome. Basically, the fingers on her hand never fully developed. Thanks to 3D printers, however, Haley now has her very own robotic hand that she calls her special hand.

Hailey's family lives in Nevada. How did she end up throwing out the first pitch in Baltimore? Her dad is from Maryland and is a big Orioles fan. Hailey had thrown out a pitch for the local college team in Nevada, but she wanted to do one in the big leagues. The family got in contact with the Orioles and the team gratefully obliged the request.

The robotic hand was developed at UNLV and when they heard about Hailey's first pitch in the big leagues. They developed her a special Baltimore Orioles Flexy-Hand (seen above). As an Orioles fan myself, I love Hailey's cool new special hand.

She was able to throw her first pitch to her favorite player on the team, Manny Machado, while the Bird cheered on in support.

You go Hailey, and as always, Go O's!

Watch Us Throw My Baltimore Orioles Bobble-heads Off the Skyscraper Below: