We've seen some lame local news coverage, but this is up there.  It's from KY3 News in Springfield Missouri - number one in the Ozarks - and they led last night's evening news with a story about a 6 year old who pooped her pants.

She's a kindergartner in Washburn Missouri, and the school wouldn't let her go to the bathroom during a test.  Yes, she's in kindergarten, and they were taking a test. So the girl took care of business, and went anyway.

And since it's not embarrassing enough to poop your pants at school when you're six, how about having your parents contact the local news about it?

The girl's mother is named Lisa Skidmore (we're not making this up) and she says the school made her daughter wait in class for 15 minutes until the test was over, THEN called her to come deal with the mess.

It took 20 minutes for her to get to the school, and in the meantime, the school wrapped a trash bag around her daughter.

Skidmore said, "She still had poop, diarrhea poop, coming out the back, up her front, down her legs.  You don't even treat a dog that way."

The school says they've instructed teachers to handle situations like this with more sensitivity.

Watch the local news story about the 6-year old that pooped her pants: