Lonestar 102.3 and Herb Easley Chevrolet congratulates Cindy Bennett of Wichita Falls - winner of The Hunt For The Cruze and a brand new Chevrolet Cruze! Cindy was the first person to find the hidden 'title' and now has a 2011 Chevy Cruze in her driveway. So, where did we hide that title?

We had it stuck just inside the top of a pole near baseball field #8 in Lake Wichita Park. You had to look very close to see it - just a little bit of it was visible at the top of the pole. It was attached to a lanyard with a black clip, part of which was also visible at the top of the pole.

So, what was the clue that put Cindy in exactly the right spot? She tells us that; although she had been playing since day one of the contest, it was the 10am clue from Wednesday (6/2) that put Cindy in the ballpark - literally.


The clue is a reference to the classic "Who's On First" comedy bit, which eventually helped Cindy make her way to the pole.

Cindy says there was an unexpected bonus to participating in the hunt - the new friendships made with fellow hunters along the way. On top of everything else, Cindy tells us that her current vehicle is a minivan she bought new some years ago and now has about 170,000 miles on it. So, without a doubt, this Herb Easley Chevrolet Cruze will come in real handy. Her first road trip in her new car will be to San Antonio to see her son. Safe travels, Cindy!

And to all of you who found yourself immersed in The Hunt For The Cruze,we say thank you - from Herb Easley Chevrolet, and Lonestar 102.3! And keep listening to Lonestar for more fun prizes, and fun ways to win 'em!

Listen to our interview with Cindy Bennett below: