There's just something about springtime that makes me think about cars. Especially fast cars.The kind of cars you'll see at the Lonestar 102.3 and Central Bail Bonds Car Show on the 16th.

Perhaps it has something to do with learning how to drive in the upper midwest where streets were at least partially snow and ice covered from mid November to sometime in March.

When the weather warmed up we took the scruffy old snow tires off and polished up the chrome rims our "meats" were mounted on before slapping them back on our freshly washed and hand waxed cars. The temperatures would climb, the streets would clear, the windows were cranked down and the radios were cranked up. That was springtime in the great midwest.

I don't miss those crazy, cold winters, but I do miss the smooth purr from the glasspacks as I got my first chance in several months to let the GTO run for a bit. Just a little bit, not too much, the local authorities knew the score and were watching closely.

Even though we don't have quite the same change of season here in Wichita Falls, we can still get a little high octane spring fever with the Lonestar 102.3 and Central Bail Bonds car show coming up on April 16th. Thanks to our generous sponsors we've got some great prizes to award, and that means there will be some great cars to ogle in the Fidelity Bank parking lot in Parker Square.

You can find out more about entering your car, truck or motorcycle here.

And you can see pictures from last fall's show here.

Hopefully we'll see you at the Lonestar 102.3 and Central Bail Bonds car show on the16th.

Dave D.