Yet another weight loss gadget is coming to market. Introducing the claimed solution to obesity, The Bite Counter. The Bite Counter is a wrist watch like device that was developed at Clemson University. It's expected to be available for eager consumers next year and will be about $100, but for now it's $799 online.

How does it work? Well, the bite counter is said to be about 90% accurate on counting bites. It just simply detects the wrist rolling motion when you eat. The rule for this device is twenty bites for breakfast, twenty for lunch, and forty for dinner. An alarm will sound if you take too many bites.

This isn't a new concept. There are bite counting diets already out there, but now there is an expensive device to go a long with it. I've already thought of ways to beat this annoying electronic at it's own game, bigger bites and not rolling your wrist while eating.

What do you think of "The Bite Counter", is it just another money making diet gadget or an actual solution to help people lose weight?